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Script Coverage

Want to dramatically decrease those discouraging odds? There’s no better way than having FRA’s coverage team help with the polish your project needs. Your script demands your best shot. After all, just because you typed “THE END” doesn’t mean that has to be its fate.


FRA’s script coverage crew is comprised of major studio and leading script competition readers. FRA co-founder and script team leader Howard Fridkin, who recently nailed the Wildsound Screenplay Competition , serves as example #1 of the importance of strong script coverage and proofreading. Without fresh eyes to flush out the story's complex quagmires, "The Devil's Larceny" would have never excelled at Wildsound and other competitions. The best way to pay it forward is to give other serious writers the same opportunity to strengthen their script. I got tired of friends and family members telling me “It’s perfect.” They don’t know what veteran readers know. So I’m excited that FRA can offer the very best and experienced script analyzers for your work and help make your script stand alone”. Howard's May 2014 WILDsound feature screenplay table read win "The Devil's Larceny" (or visit