Howard Fridkin


FRA Founder and SAG member Howard Fridkin served on the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration from 2000 to 2013. Often praised by his former MPAA Chairman for his fanatical love of films and the perfection that went into his ratings work, Howard also comes equipped with professional scriptwriting skills which blend well with FRA's full screenplay service offerings. He has enjoyed success with the Nicholl Fellowship, Page International, StoryPros, Screenplay Festival, Filmmakers International, Acclaim and Wildsound. In addition, Howard's business background includes marketing, sales management, employee training and public relations for several of the largest telemarketing companies in the U.S. When he is not watching movies at his favorite L.A. hangouts - the American Cinematheque's Egyptian and Aero theatres - you can probably find him in the front row of his home theatre watching one of his own movie marathons.


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Cheryl Kearney


Cheryl Kearney has over twenty years of experience evaluating films, television shows and commercials at all stages of production. Serving on the MPAA’s Classification and Rating Administration from 1991 to 1999, Cheryl was a member of the board during the independent film boom of the 1990s, which included the classification of films including Clerks, Pulp Fiction, and Boogie Nights. Here she saw first-hand the struggles of independent filmmakers who were trying to avoid the newly implemented and controversial NC-17 rating through the arduous process of appeals and edits.

After Cheryl left the ratings board, she moved to the American Humane Association (Film & Television Unit), where she served as the Director of Post Production. AHA is the industry’s only officially sanctioned program to keep animals safe on the set of thousands of productions every year. Their well recognized “No Animals Were Harmed®” end credit is issued to productions that follow the strict guidelines set forth by the organization.

Cheryl ran the post-production department of AHA, evaluating thousands of movies, television shows, and commercials to ensure that no animal was ever endangered by a production. When she isn’t watching movies for work, or watching more movies for fun, Cheryl likes to spend her time at home with her dog Shamley, named, of course, after Alfred Hitchcock’s production company.